Purchase follows seven years of leasing the school building


March 8, 2019 -- Community of Saints Regional Catholic School has agreed to purchase the entirety of the property from the Church of St. Michael.  The sale will allow the Church of St. Michael to pay all of its outstanding debt and financial obligations and for Catholic education to continue on campus.


In a letter to St. Michael parishioners, parish leadership explains, “Recognizing St. Michael’s legacy of Catholic education, and its building and grounds, the Church will sell the entirety of its property to Community of Saints Catholic School.” The letter also shares that Eucharistic Adoration begun by the parish will continue on campus.  The Church of St. Michael will canonically merge with Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in St. Paul.

In December 2016, the Church of St. Michael discontinued Masses as a parish. Trustees have continued to manage the property; which Community of Saints has been leasing.

"The school Board of Directors agrees this is a tremendous opportunity for the school and the families in our community given the remarkable enrollment growth and retention we've experienced year over year. As a St. Michael's alumna, I'm absolutely thrilled to see the legacy of Catholic education and growth continue through Community of Saints," said Melinda Frias, the school board chair.


Formed in 2012, Community of Saints has always operated on the campus of the Church of St. Michael.


“This opportunity provides Community of Saints and its families with long-term stability,” said Canonical Administrator of the school, Fr. Steve Adrian. “All of our families, staff, and stakeholders know we are here for the long haul. It’s an honor to carry on St. Michael’s legacy of Catholic education.”


Community of Saints has had great success despite uncertainty regarding the campus since St. Michael parish halted operations.  Stated principal, Bridget Kramer, “The agreement comes at a very exciting time for our school.  Our enrollment increased 10% this year for a three-year enrollment growth over 25%; we have a new partnership with the University of Notre Dame for academic programming; and we’ve enjoyed tremendous financial support in our community to make the school affordable for all our families. This purchase is just one of the many reassurances that demonstrates the stability of Community of Saints.”


Community of Saints has already made improvements to the facility in recent years with roof repairs and a boiler replacement.  A facilities committee of their newly formed Board of Directors will be creating a comprehensive plan to address facility improvement and maintenance needs.


About Community of Saints Regional Catholic School

Formed in 2012, Community of Saints was created with a mission to make Catholic education available to any family in the region regardless of ability to pay full tuition.  Community of Saints is sponsored by the parishes of Our Lady of Guadalupe and St. Matthew’s in St. Paul, and St. John Vianney in South St. Paul.


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