Scholarship Opportunities

Pathways I & Pathways II Scholarships:  As a Parent Aware four-star rated program, our families may qualify for a Pathways I or II Early Learning Scholarship awarded directly to eligible children. Families are eligible to receive up to $8,500 per eligible child per year.  Scholarships are awarded to a child for 12 months, though once awarded, a child remains eligible to renew until they are kindergarten age.  To learn more about eligibility click here: FY2021 Early Learning Scholarship Area Administrator.  For an application or questions about eligibility, please contact the school or these county administrators:

County Child Care Assistance Programs:  Our preschool program is eligible to receive child care assistance from Ramsey County and Dakota County.  Families must apply and qualify in the county of their home address.  Qualifications may vary based on the county.  For more information visit or contact your county of residence:

  • Dakota County - 651-554-5611
  • Ramsey County - 651-266-2170 or 651-641-665 (Think Small)

Schulze Early Learning Scholarship Program:  This scholarship was created to assist middle income families in gaining access to excellent preschool programs.  Community of Saints is one of a small group of programs across the state selected for this pilot program. Scholarships range from $500-$3,000.  You are eligible if the child is in their last year of preschool and attending kindergarten next year, and your family is a middle-income family in need of scholarship to be able to enroll your child in a Catholic preschool.  The Schulze Early Learning Scholarship application is online at  Click on Early Learning Scholarships.


We offer flexible programs and rates to meet the needs of our families.  A printable version of rates and scholarship information can be found here: Preschool Tuition Rates

School Day Preschool 8:30-3:00

Monthly Ten Months

5 Full Days $595.00 $5950.00

3 Full Days $384.00 $3840.00

2 Full Days $282.00 $2820.00

Half Day Preschool 8:30-12:00

Monthly Ten Months

5 Half Days $375.00 $3750.00

3 Half Days $255.00 $2550.00

2 Half Days $195.00 $1950.00

Full Day Preschool Package (School Day Preschool + AM and PM care)

Monthly Ten Months

5 Days $950.00 $9500.00

3 Days $613.00 $6130.00

2 Days $442.00 $4420.00

AM & PM Care Multiple Child Discount

(within Preschool Program only)

Per Day Monthly

Mornings 6:30-8:30 $10.00 First Child full price

Afternoons 3:00-6:00 $13.00 Second Child 25% off

Third Child 75% off