Sharing The Good News

Alums & Friends & Families publishes a quarterly newsletter, The Good News, designed to reconnect with alums, share stories about former classmates and let our community know about the good things happening at Community of Saints Regional Catholic School today.

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Recent Editions of The Good News:

TGN - Summer 2023

  • COS Student Wins Flaherty Family Scholarship -Student spotlight on Amari who will attend Cretin-Derham Hall High School with the help of the Flaherty Family Foundation scholarship awarded to high-achieving students.
  • Message from Father Steve - This issue tells the stories of our graduates "Such stories of the power of COS can be told over and over again...  Each time you and I make a gift, we make an investment. We make an act of faith that what we do makes a difference. This issue tells so many stories about the fruits of our investment. Don't sell yourself short. You make a difference."
  • Donor Finds Estate Planning is Another Way to Give:  – Mary Ann Ogden shares designating Community of Saints a beneficiary of a retirement plan as a way to give in her estate planning.
  • COS Counselor Retires after 40 Years - JoEllen Flak Discusses Youth Mental Health and COS Superpower. At COS, our superpower is Love. God is Love and Love is everywhere in our school. Love creates and nurtures life. Love gives us patience. It motivates us to help one another celebrate and enjoy our school community. When I ask teachers to make accommodations for a student in distress, I NEVER get push back. A frequent response is, “Oh, I just love that kid,” and we go on together to make a plan for support. Our staff loves and enjoys our students."
  • General Joe Votel (RET.) Addresses COS Middle School Students - "What type of impact do you want to make in the world?" Read excepts from General Votel's address and reflections from the students.
  • Most Likely to Never Give Up - Student spotlight on Nevaeh who has cleared hurdles to earn the praise of her teachers.
  • COS Graduate Heads to Vis - Student spotlight on May who is the first COS grad to attend high school at Visitation School.
  • Congratulations!  COS Principal Receives Leadership Award - Bridget Kramer received a 2023 Leadership Award from Minndependent, the largest state-wide organization serving private and independent schools.

The Good News - Spring 2023

  • COS Alums Follow Different Paths - Overcome Obstacles to Pursue Goals - Profiles of Lisette Horne '14 and Autam Mendez '14.  When COS classmates Lisette Horne & Autam Mendez graduated from high school in 2018, they each had a clear and ambitious goal. Lisette knew she wanted to go to graduate school, while Autam wanted to play Division 1 basketball.  They shared their stories with us.
  • Message from Father Steve - We walk by faith and not by sight..."  Stories of Lisette and Autam Mendez are made possible because of you. Lisette and Autam witness the act of faith you make; an act of faith in your school, an act of faith in your students, and an act of faith in what your generosity and commitment will and do achieve. What you do makes a difference, a profound difference in the student's life and the lives of those whom the student touches.  The story of COS is truly part of your story.
  • Alums & Friends & Families Celebrate Mass with Students:  – After two years of virtual service, visitors flocked to Community of Saints for the annual Alums & Friends & Families Mass in December.
  • RMD Contributions Simplify Giving - Suzanne Snyder shares using her required minimum distributions (RMD) to make charitable contributions to Community of Saints.
  • St. Matthew's Class of 1973 - A 50th Reunion for the Class of '73 is being planned for October 2023.  Class Picture.
  • St. John Vianney Class of 1973 - Class picture.
  • St. Michael Class of 1973 - A 50th Reunion for the Class of '73 is being planned for October 21, 2023.  Class Picture.
  • St. Michael Class of 1970 - A 50th Reunion for the Class of '70 is being planned for the Fall of 2023 - more details to come.
  • Memories from St. Michael Class of 1973 - Reunion organizers share memories of 1973.  Stories include; When Fr. John O'Neill Died, Changing Fashion, The Tunnel, Changing Church Music, 8th Grade Play - "Don't Shoot 'Til You See the Whites of Their Eyes", Petition to Sing John Denver Song in Church.
  • Save the Date: Join us on Friday April 21st at 10am as Joe Votel, St. Matthew's '72 and retired four-star general in the United States Army, addresses COS middle school students and donors.

The Good News Fall/Winter 2022

  • What it Takes to Fund a Catholic School  A conversation about the Real Costs and Ingenuity Required to Deliver a Quality Education at Community of Saints
  • Message from Father Steve – Generosity is a way of life. Gratitude to Tom McKeown and Mary Cullen McKeown on the occasion of Tom's retirement from the Alums & Friends & Families committee.
  • COS Garden Yields a Bountiful Harvest  – With the help of Master Gardeners from the University of Minnesota Extension Program, students at COS planted vegetables, herbs, and flowers for pollinators in a garden on the school's campus.  Throughout the summer and fall, students reaped the harvest.  Master Gardener Deb Oldenburg estimates the garden had yielded an impressive 400-500 pounds of produce.
  • Alums & Friends & Families Annual Report of Giving - A&F&F Contributions Provide Foundation for Success. 590 donors contributed $468,117 for tuition assistance.
  • COS honored by Memorial Gifts - Individuals whose memorials benefitted Community of Saints are honored.

The Good News Summer 2022

  • Our Biggest Challenge Ever! $80,000 Challenge Grant from Hugh & Melissa Cullen. This alum-sponsored match is in honor of Fr. Steve Adrian’s 80th birthday.
  • Message from Father Steve. "It was 15 years ago that Alums & Friends & Families came to be. The cost of Catholic education was making it difficult for many West Side families to see Catholic school as an option for their children. I invited a handful of people to come together and brainstorm with me about the future of Catholic education in our West Side community."
  • Mixing Work, Fun & Philanthropy. St. Matthew’s Men’s Club Supports COS and Parish Communities. The Men’s Club has a long history of supporting the school. Member Tim Nowak admits it takes a little more effort to coordinate since the school is off campus, but club members continually step up to provide funds for things that aren’t covered by the budget.
  • What’s Next for COS Alums. As the Class of 2022 graduates from 8th grade and prepares for high school, we also caught up with Community of Saints (COS) alums who are heading to college and graduate school. Find out what they have to say as they prepare for what’s next, and reflect on the role COS has played in their lives.
  • What’s Next for 8th Grade Graduates. See what high schools our Class of 2022 will be attending.

The Good News - Spring 2022

  • Reunions Are Back! Alums Reconnect & Remember
  • Message from Father Steve – In this, my age of gratitude, I think of you; and I give thanks for you. Know that your support makes COS possible. Please continue to join me in the regular financial support of our students. The “powers that be” are arranging an opportunity for us to meet and greet in April (see pg 11). Know that I would be delighted to thank you personally for the gift you have been and continue to be to the students of Community of Saints.
  • RMD Contributions Simplify Giving – A few years ago, Tom and Mary stopped writing checks and began using their Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) from their 401k to make contributions. “Financially it’s better for us,” explained Tom. “We don’t have to take the RMD income. Instead, it goes directly to Community of Saints. It saves on taxes and allows us to give a little bit more money to charity.”
  • 60-Year Reunion for St. Matt’s Class of ’61 – On September 18, 2021, classmates held their 60th reunion at Joseph’s Grill in St. Paul, but that’s not the only opportunity this group of alums has to see each other. For the past five years, the ’61 classmates have been meeting about every three months at Joseph’s Grill. “The day varies but it’s either for breakfast or lunch.” said Joe Mansur. “The numbers have been building — we get about 15-20 people who usually show up.”
  • The Cover Up – As told by Tom Armstrong. "When he turned the knob, the door fell into the hallway and we both jumped out of the way. It was a big, heavy door and landed on the tile floor with a loud bam! All the classroom doors flew open and the next thing I saw was Sister Dominica coming towards us with several large 8th grade boys..."
  • St. Matthew’s Class of 1972 Celebrates 50-Year Reunion – May 14, 2022, St. Matthew’s Social Hall, 5 p.m. following 4:15 p.m. Mass. See class photo.
  • St. Mike’s Class of 1980 Reunion – September 25, 2022, Kaposia Park, South St. Paul
  • St. Michael Class of 1972 – See class photo.
  • Brady High School Class of ’71 Contributes to COS Tuition Assistance – 50-Year Reunion Includes Gift to Support Catholic Education
  • St. John Vianney Class of 1972 – See class photo.
  • COS Alum Returns as Student-Teacher – Gaby Sanchez Helps school get through Omicron surge.
  • A&F&F Welcomes New Committee Members – Diane Perkovich Hanzal and Denise Hanzal Quinlan share passion for Catholic education.
  • Join Us in April to Celebrate Fr. Steve Adrian’s 80th Birthday – Please help us honor Fr. Steve’s service to St. Matthew’s community and students at Community of Saints. There will be two opportunities to join the festivities: SATURDAY, APRIL 23 after 4:15 p.m. Mass in the back of St. Matthew’s Church. SUNDAY, APRIL 24 after 10:15 a.m. Mass (until 2:00 p.m.) in St. Matthew’s social hall.

The Good News Fall/Winter 2021

  • COS Helps All Students Reach Their Full Potential: New Curriculums Increase Rigor While City Connects Removes Barriers to Learning
  • A Message from Father Steve
  • Archdiocese Names Community of Saints a Drexel Mission School
  • What's New with COS Faculty?  Staff Profiles: Alex (Gergen) Rumpel,  Eva Boncich, Amy Brown, Brigid (Diaz) Krause, Diane Benz
  • 2020-21 Annual Report of Giving: 565 Donors Contributed $393,920 for Tuition Assistance
  • COS Family Profiles: Doby-Sanchez Family, Lazos Family, and Muske Family

The Good News Summer 2021

  • Congratulations to the COS Class of 2017 - Now High School Graduates
  • A Message from Father Steve
  • Tom Smith, Retired St. Paul Police Chief, Pays Tribute to Father Steve
  • Dollar-for-Dollar Matching Gift
  • Lessons Learned - COS Students Reflect on School Year
  • Brothers Recount Ups and Downs of Distance Learning
  • Congratulations to the 8th Grade Graduating Class of 2021

The Good News Spring 2021

  • A Message from Father Steve
  • Stories from the Pandemic:
    • Jennifer Herman, Registered Nurse
    • John Finnegan, PhD, Dean of the School of Public Health, University of Minnesota
    • Alexis Hernandez, MSN, Registered Nurse
    • Molli Hernandez, Nursing Assistant
    • Joe Nasseff '60, Owner of Joseph's Grill
    • Nicole Stevens '02, Registered Nurse, Ramsey County Public Health Department
    • Rachel (Goldenstein Maus '04, PhD, Assistant Professor of Oncology at the Mayo Clinic
  • A Family Tradition of Helping Others: How La Clinica Health Center got it's Start
  • Alums Choose Legacy Gift to Invest in COS Students
  • Class Pictures - 8th grade Class of 1971 - St. John Vianney, St. Matthew's, St. Michael
  • COS Students Celebrate Catholic Schools Week with Service & Prayer

TGN Fall:Winter 2020 (PDF)

  • COS Partners with Notre Dame, Delivers Highest Quality Academics
  • A Message from Father Steve
  • Judy Klotz Morhar '57 Remembers School with Estate Gift
  • Teacher Profile: Audrey Moorhouse Middle School Science
  • Following their Dad's Lead, Siblings Honor Dad with Gift to Tuition Assistance
  • Principal Update: Education During COVID
  • 2019-2020 Annual Report of Giving - A Record Number of Donors and Donations
  • COS Family Profiles: Gloria Romo Family, Jessi Orme & Heriberto Cortez Family, Nicole Miller Family

TGN Summer 2020 (PDF)

  • During Crisis, COS Supports Students and Families
  • A Message from Father Steve
  • Margaret Pohl Estate Gift Supports COS Students
  • Remembering Jerry Sexton '44, Founder of A&F&F
  • Congratulations to the COS Class of 2016 as They Graduate High School
  • Congratulations to the 8th Grade Graduating Class of 2020

TGN Spring 2020 (PDF)

  • COS Rewarded for "Exceptional Results"
  • Gifts Given in Memory of George Kronschnabel
  • Donors us RMDs to Contribute to COS
  • Remember When... Class of 1970 Share Memories
  • What Makes Preschool So Popular
  • STEM Club Sparks Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math
  • Reunions scheduled for May 16 & 17

TGN Fall/Winter 2019 (PDF)

  • Former Classmates – Retired 4-star General & Police Chief Share Experiences on Storied Careers
  • Class of ’59 Celebrates 60th Reunion
  • 2018-19 Annual Report of Giving – 441 Donors Contributed $257,420 for Tuition Assistance
  • School News: After 5 Years with Bridget Kramer as Principal Enrollment is up 18% and COS is Going Strong.

TGN Summer 2019 (PDF)

TGN Spring 2019 (PDF)

TGN Fall/Winter 2018 (PDF)

TGN Summer 2018 (PDF)

TGN Spring 2018 (PDF)